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VA MLS Search and Listings for Lots and Land, Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesapeake Bay

Are you looking to buy a lot or land? If so, it is important to note there are a host of issues you don't normally face while buying a home. For example, zoning, property line setbacks, topography, covenants, and restrictions must all be taken into consideration. Also, you'll want to know a lot about the area to determine if there are development plans for neighboring or nearby properties.

How are the adjacent properties zoned? You might or might not want a new industrial plant or commercial office park as your neighbor. Do your homework and work with a real estate agent familiar with the area, as well as the local builders. Do you have a builder or are you looking for a perfect lot that already comes with a particular builder?

Even though you are not buying an existing home, there are similar things to consider such as: what locations offer sidewalks, access to bike paths and outdoor activities, the best schools or shopping within walking distance. On the other hand, you might be interested in land where the nearest neighbor is a mile away.

Additional considerations include utilities and fees associated with connecting to public water and sewer lines. Are they even available or do you need to budget for the installation of a septic system and drinking water well? Any environmental conditions like wetlands or known hazardous waste sites? All will impact the value of the land or potentially affect your use of the property. 

Working with professionals will help you identify the questions you should be asking as well as answer common questions that come up when buying lots or land. Our agents are experienced buyer’s real estate agents with expertise in representing buyers looking for a lot or land parcels. 

We also recommend enlisting your builder or architect, if you already have them on your team, before committing to a lot or land.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to create a custom MLS real estate search for a lot or land. Whether residential, commercial or industrial real estate we can help you find the perfect spot. We can also make the MLS real estate search process easier for you and we are just a call away; Hardesty Homes: 804-651-2157.

VA MLS Listings for Lots and Land, Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesapeake Bay

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