Chris Render


Hardesty Homes, LLC

14430 Sommerville Court Suite A, Midlothian, VA 23113

Christopher J. Render (Chris), is a licensed Virginia Realtor that works for Hardesty Homes, LLC that primarily focuses his real estate efforts between Richmond and Virginia Beach, VA. Christopher has experience with all facets of real estate (Commercial, Land, Investment Opportunities, New Construction and Residential purchasing and Resale).

In this current market, Christopher’s primary focus is residential purchase and resale. In this last year 2020, Christopher has helped 36 clients purchase and resell properties in Richmond and surrounding Metro areas; Virginia Piedmont; Hampton Roads; and Virginia Beach. Clients praise Christopher for his attentiveness; patience; ability to listen to and understand client needs; communication; knowledge of real estate resources; and knowledge of negotiation tactics.

As Christopher’s residential sales have blossomed to all‐time highs. Christopher intends to maintain his ‘5‐star’ level of services for his clients. He has recently invested in a personal assistant and is continuously teaming with the Amazing Realtors at Hardesty Homes to bring “All Hands on Deck” service for new & existing clients.

Due to Chris’s previous background as a very successful professional Estimator for Multi‐Million Dollar Environmental Projects, Chris found he had a knack for detail associated with Commercial & Investor clients. Due to Chris’s ability to accurately estimate values of properties & understand market trends Chris quickly was identified by many as a specialist in the investor market that provided high rates of return for investor clients. In order to compete with a VERY competitive Richmond investor market, Chris used his estimating background to develop spreadsheets that automatically sorted through thousands of MLS properties based on personalized investor criteria that highlighted and identified the properties with best “flip” or “buy and hold” potential. Chris also spent a lot of time consulting with clients and assisted clients with drafting detailed scopes of work for bidding the best contractors. As a result, Chris satisfied the needs of MANY local and Out‐of‐state investors who still seek his professional services today.

In personal life, Chris spends most of his time off with his two beautiful girls 6 and 7 with frequent visits to cousins and/or attending functions for the girls at scouts, school clubs, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, tutors, and Church. Life is busy, but Chris is blessed and couldn’t be as successful as he is without his family and friend’s support that have helped him get where he is today.